Dave Malhotra

CEO & Lead Hustler

TOPIC : Sales Hacking

Tech Entrepreneur on a mission to take Thai Startups and our incredible talent global. Sales Hacker for Global Tech Conferences like Techsauce and Echelon (e27). Virtual Event Platform Pioneer. Innovative Tech Builder. AWS Scout. 23 years in Digital, 12 years in Events. Failed 1 startup, driving growth for 2 thriving ones.

Dave is an experienced Digital Business Expert with 23 years of demonstrated successes in tech, event, marketing and startup domains. He regularly combines creative tech solutions with an understanding of current trends to helping traditional businesses use new tech or help young startups develop MVPs in under 2 weeks with user-centric and result-driven approach. He's carried out total platform overhauls and executed highly challenging and innovative Digital projects for big corporates including Minor Group and Central Group in businesses including Food Delivery, E-commerce and CRM.

As CEO & Lead Hustler of SoldOutt - an ROI-focused, data-driven, event and ticketing platform startup that helps leading event businesses around South East Asia (like Techsauce, It's The Ship, e27, WCIT, Creative Talk and many more). SoldOutt’s game is “ticket sales hacking”. While aiming for SOLD OUT events, they’ve managed to hit as high as 90%+ lead-to-conversion rate and 3x sales for various tech conferences.


SoldOutt is a sales-focused, white-labeled ticketing platform that hacks ticket sales for tech conferences in Asia & Europe. SoldOutt are a bunch of crazy and passionate people that builds product really fast as long as it generates revenue for event organizers or artists. They launched their online event platform in 2 days are now on track to launch a Gig and Virtual Festival model in less than 2 weeks.

17.00-17.40 PM

Thursday 23rd June

Sales Hacking