Mike Katayama

Ads Privacy Lead, Google Asia Pacific

TOPIC : Marketing in the Post Cookies World

Mike is in charge of engaging with the APAC business community on Ads Privacy issues. Along with his privacy expertise, he brings a deep knowledge of programmatic technology to the role, having previously served as the Head of Authorized Buyers sales (previously DoubleClick Ad Exchange) in Japan.

Other work experiences include leading ad agency partnerships in both Tokyo and Singapore, and a stint at the Google News Initiative, running bespoke digital change management projects for APAC news businesses. He’s also been a guest lecturer at INSEAD on privacy in digital marketing.

Prior to joining Google, Mike worked as International Accounts Lead at Dentsu Razorfish in Tokyo, as well as in smaller independent agencies in the Seattle area. He’s been working in the digital marketing space for 17 years.


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16.00-16.40 PM

Friday 24th June

Marketing in the Post Cookies World